Waratah Farms

Waratah Pork

Taste, Tenderness and Succulence – it’s time you tried Waratah Farms pork.

Waratah Farms are proud to offer a pork eating experience that is second to none, delivering a rich flavoured pork, with superior tenderness and natural juiciness. The secret to this beautiful product lies in well fed, well farmed, and well bred pigs.

Waratah Farms produce highly desirable pork that is bright reddish pink in colour, containing a higher percentage of intramuscular fat (marbling) and a higher pH – as every fan of Gordon Ramsey or Josh Emett will tell you, this darker reddish raw pork will typically deliver a juicier and more tender eating experience than any lighter coloured raw pork.

Quite simply, for all our customers this is where the Taste, Tenderness and Succulence come from. This is why Waratah Farms pork is truly “the premium” pork product. It is not to be missed, but you needn’t rely on us to tell you how great it is, ask one of the many highly regarded butchers who have been serving up our finest product for over 40 years – let them tell you what brings them back year after year to Waratah Farms pork.

Pork Standards

Taste, Tenderness, Succulence